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    Arab designs for bracelets of silver:

    Silver is one of the most beautiful metals in the world.

    In addition to its ability to drag and roads have been known for a long time, where the Pharaohs knew the Egyptians, the ancient Arabs, and the people of China as well.

    And have the same value of gold, but silver is less expensive, and silver used in the manufacture of jew8elry and accessories as has been used in the past.

    In the various fields of medicine for the prevention of diseases and also in the use of coins in most countries of the world.

    We offer you in this topic a collection of silver bracelets and tips to clean silver and ways to coordinate silver wrist bracelets.

    Cleaning of silver bracelets
    You can clean the silver in more ways than them:

    1 - the use of carbonate and rub the silver or salt and lemon and then washed with water and the importance of drying after that well.

    2 - It can be washed with soap and water added a tablespoon of vinegar or ammonia, to be then washed with hot water and drying.

    3 - You can boil the silver on fire with water and soap if the silver does not contain any cloves or precious stones and then drying.

    4 - You can use toothpaste to clean the silver, where you first put the piece to be cleaned under water to decay.

    We then put a quantity of toothpaste on the toothbrush, and then stir gently in a circular motion with rinsing with warm water.

    Then dry it with a towel and polish it by using a soft cloth.

    Tips for Formatting Silver Bracelets:

    1- Coordinate the silver bracelets with the watch. The most important secret in coordinating bracelets with the wristwatch is to choose the colors that are compatible with each other and to consider wearing models that are consistent with each other.

    Also make sure that the bracelets are in line with the watch.

    2 - If the bracelets are made of several parts, and not with precious stones, it is better to be wide and hanging from the hand of the woman a little.

     If the bracelets are decorated with precious stones, they should be fixed in the hand in the center of the arm.

    3 - When attending weddings, weddings and official parties if I have a full set of diamonds, you can wear it all in these occasions and the component of the contract and bracelets and throat.

    The latest models bracelets:

    There are many designs of gold bracelets different colored gemstones with attractive colors, beautiful as emeralds and rubies, as bracelets are one of the most important adornment for women and therefore worked in the houses of jewelry to issue new designs at the beginning of each season. The bracelets were old designed only gold either Now the bracelets of modern gold are encrusted with precious stones, which give them beauty and great value, so the bracelets moved from the frame of the usual gold box to the framework of the box of luxury jewelry became a masterpiece used to buy kings.

    1 - The walls are designed of white gold and diamonds of Chanel:

    These bracelets are designed by the famous Chanel brand, where the design of the bracelets is inspired by the fine lace fabric. This type of bracelets is considered a luxurious bracelet and is characterized by a stone of diamonds.

    2 - Bracelet designed in white gold from the House of Grisogono:

    If you would like to buy bracelets with precious stones, you should choose from the Gresogno jewelry brand, especially the bracelet designed in the form of a handmade emerald and diamond fan.

    3 - bracelets designed by gold Chomier:

    These bracelets are shaped in different shapes and are designed in the shape of a walking bee inlaid with rosy opal stone decorated with diamonds using the design of red agate stone. These bracelets are also decorated in pink gold.

    4 - thin gold bracelets designed by Boucheron:

    This group is characterized by its bracelets are certified in their design on yellow gold and lapis lazuli.

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