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    Rare 10 Gemstones in the World:

    Gemstones are one of the ways that express the beauty of nature and used by people in jewelry and precious contracts and boast them, but do you know their names or what is the most expensive? Here are the rarest and most expensive 10 types of gemstones:

    1. Jasmine:
    This type is the highest price and the rarer existence and the most beautiful in the world and sold carat of him $ 3 million and can be more than that also was a legend for many people until recently was discovered in Guatemala and some of the mines of California and exist in the form of rocks carrying some small crystals and most The Mexican jade comes from antiques and is unknown to its source and the most expensive registered gem was sold in 1997 in Hong Kong.

    2. Red Diamond:
      Diamonds are the most precious types of diamonds in the world, and a small amount of it is extracted from the Agryle mine in Australia, where the best and purest diamonds are extracted.

    3. Serendibite:
      The price of carat of this type 2 million dollars was discovered in Sri Lanka and take the gem of the color of heaven and it consists of complex conditions of many components such as calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon and boron in the presence of oxygen so we find it very rare species due to lack of presence of all these components in place One with each other and imagining that only 3 jewels (0.35 carats, 0.55 carats and 0.56 carats) have so far been sold, the smallest sold at $ 14,300 per carat.

    4. Blue Agate:
    $ 1.5 million per carat Agate has many colors as mentioned by black, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, transparent and tropical, but the rarest of species blue color was discovered in 1990 in Madagascar and is found in parts of the United States, Russia and Turkey and can change color Between green and blue in daylight and turning to purple in bright light due to relative changes in the amount of vanadium inside the crystal. The most expensive gem of this type was sold in 2003 and weighs 4.2 carats at $ 6.8 million.

    5. Painite:
    It is thought that this type of gemstone is the most rare species in the world and to this day it is very rare. It was first discovered by the British scientist Arthur Pain in Myanmar in 1950 and was named after him. 2005 there were fewer than 25 known crystals of this type only and all were extracted from Myanmar.

    6. Grandidierite:
    It is worth $ 50,000 for half a carat and gives the jewel a greenish blue color. It also has other colors, including green, blue and bright white. It was found in Madagascar and the weight of the jewel in the picture is 0.29 carats.

    7. Musgravite:
    The price of the carat is $ 35,000. This type of gemstone is newly discovered and one of the most rare species in the world. It is a type of silicate which consists of beryllium, magnesium and aluminum. This name is referred to as the recently discovered Musgrave in Australia.

    8. Red Emerald:
    The red emeralds were found in Thomas Ring and the Waha Wah Mountains in the Utah Desert and were found in some locations in Mexico. Red emeralds are formed in low pressure areas, high temperatures along the cavities and areas where molten volcanic particles penetrate easily.

    9. Black Agate:
    The price of carats is $ 2355 and Australia is the original country of the agate and these days it is considered the world's most important financier for the sale of agate. Australia contributes 95% of the agate production in the world and the rest is distributed to Mexico, Brazil and America, but modern mines have been discovered in Ethiopia and West Africa. Beautifully and impressively.

    10. Jeremejevite:
    The price of the carat is 2000 dollars and has the colors of cyan or pale yellow or transparent and comes the highest stone efficiency of Namibia and be in nature Ballora in the form of an obelisk was mixed with him and the aquamarine was named after this name discovered by the Russian scientist Pavel Girmijev in 1883 and in 2005 was Sell a piece of it weighing 2.93 carats for $ 2000 per carat online.

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