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    Interpretation of dreams of giving jewelry:

    Jewelry is an adornment tool for women, and women rely on social events as a key element of decoration, a social symbol as a result of their constant association with gifts at social events.

    Such as weddings, birthdays, weddings and all occasions are very important in the life of any woman and jewelry more accurate sense are the gifts that are presented in events such as smooth and ring and throat so it is an important thing cherished by the woman and maintain throughout her life and existence in any dream in the form of a gift to be given to Someone is reflecting the love and appreciation of that person and that there is a good relationship that will bring together the parties.

    Some interpreters see jewelry in dreams as girls, for keeping them, such as preserving jewelry and interpreting the gift of jewelry to unknown people, may be a groom on the road and will be agreed upon and accepted.

    Interpretation of a dream Give your own jewelry and break it:

    If the jewelry is broken or damaged, it reflects disappointment in achieving a specific desire or goal, while if the person sees others in his dreams wearing jewelry, they will have a great place in the dreamer because the jewelry is a symbol of gifts that expresses Affection and appreciation and special fortitude.

    According to some commentators, jewelry in dreams may have a different connotation far from love and mazah. It is a warning bell to move towards certain actions, such as making a decision to join or marry or to make promises to the beloved.

    Interpretation of jewelry vision:

    The gems that appear in a dream can be a stone or fake stones or may appear in the form of a magic crystal If the person sees in his dreams a large number of fake jewels that means that he is interested in adornment and flashiness and away from substance and substance and in the dream comes as a reference to the opinion of the Attention to stop these acts and focus on the substance and substance of things and the depth of things and not dealt with superficially.

    Seeing the Magic Gems in Dreams:

    In the case of seeing the magic in dreams, it indicates a state of despair or frustration experienced by the dreamer and may be drowned in many recurring and similar problems as a result of repeating many mistakes without concentration especially those who rely on luck in most things of their lives and act in order or Planning and organizing things or wasteful people who overpay their money or their positive energy without concentration.

    In the case of seeing the real jewels in dreams, it symbolizes the privileged and prestigious status that the dreamer will reach and may be a goal or security that he has been seeking for a long time.

    Interpretation of the dream of giving jewelry to men:

    Some commentators on the men's dream of jewels also refer to women as creams or may symbolize a child. If a parent is a dreamer, it symbolizes the status of their son in the near future.

    Interpretation of the dream of giving jewelry to the bachelor:

    In the case of seeing the lonely girl of the jewels in her sleep, they symbolize the rule and control, most of them are in the clothes of rulers and kings so we find that the jewel is considered in the dream of the lonely girl good news for the happy future and may symbolize the jewel to the marriage of a relative or a lover enjoys his place and position distinctive and prestigious next to the highest ethics Distinguished and well-done among people.

    In the case of the vision of the girl married to the jewel in their homes, it means good news and a source of optimism and positive energy and may symbolize the days of beautiful and happy will witness the woman with the fulfillment of her wishes, both on the level of family life or practical If the woman sees one essence in her dreams are indicative of the glory and greatness of her husband and his distinctive status.

    Interpretation of the dream of giving jewelry to the holder:

    While the vision of the woman pregnant jewelry may indicate the type of the fetus and may be a beautiful female blessed and will have a value and prestige in the future because some of the interpreters believe that the jewelry in dreams are girls, as maintaining them such as maintaining jewelry and interpretation of the granting of jewelry to unknown people may be The groom is on the way and will be agreed and accepted.

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