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      Ornaments or jewels are one type of personal adornment, usually made of precious metals, and can be coordinated with a complete set of jewelry, and used by man for many purposes, including: facilitating business transactions, exchange of gifts, and the manufacture of pins. In this article we will talk about their types in detail.

    Types of Ornaments:


    The bracelets are one of the distinctive types of jewelry that women usually wear in different occasions such as work interviews, weddings or success parties, and the most important distinguishing features of their different colors are gold and silver. They also have the possibility of making them with many materials such as plastic, diamonds, gold, rubber, And skin.

     It is a type of jewelry that is characterized by its circular shape, and is made mainly of different metals such as silver and gold. It is also studded with precious gems such as diamonds and rubies. It is usually worn in the hands and can be worn on the feet or ears. It is worth mentioning that the ancient Egyptians were the first to use it about 6,000 years ago, and then spread to the rest of the world, where it is now used as a symbol of religious and spiritual symbols.


     It is made of glass and iron, and is not only made of ornamentation, it is made of glass and iron, It can also be presented as a network of bridegroom to his bride, as is used by some individuals to treat animal diseases, and perhaps the most distinguishing feature of its various forms, and the possibility of engraving many drawings such as: Royal titles and amulets.


    Necklaces, necklaces or chains are one type of jewelry around the neck. They can be made with precious metals such as silver, gold and diamonds, and can be decorated with many accessories, pearls, leather and precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds and turquoise.

    wrist watch:

     Is one of the types of ornaments used by men and women alike. The first to be invented is the German inventor Peter Heinlein at the beginning of the sixteenth century AD, as it was placed in the bag, or in the pockets, and now it is placed around the wrist, The most distinctive feature is its various shapes and colors, besides the possibility of decorating them with many accessories such as diamonds, gold and leather, in addition to the availability of various types such as: mechanical wrist watch and electronic wristwatch.


     Is one of the types of ornaments that are usually placed in the ear, and can be attached to the navel, or the nose, and perhaps the most important characteristic of the different colors and forms.

    The Relationship Between Gold and Gemstones:

    Some people prefer to name their daughters with beautiful names of high value such as names of precious stones, gold or silver. Here are some beautiful and inspired names. Of gold, silver and precious stones.

    Meanings of names inspired by gold and precious stones:

    1 - Gold:
    The name of the girls in ancient times, and means precious jewels, and gold types and many forms, including: yellow gold known to the majority of people, and pink gold, and making jewelry or jewelry that prefer women wearing and adorn them.

    2 - Massa:
     The white stone is the most expensive stone and the name of this name of the Arab assets and means precious stone, and the best stones that women love and prefer to wear.

    3 - Pearl: 
    This stone is characterized by its purity, and tend to some girls to acquire it, and mentioned in the Koran and the son of the clothing of the people of Paradise, and has two colors white, and impotence.

     Ruby is called sapphire stone. The stone is characterized by its glamor and grandeur. It is used in high-value jewelry studs such as royal crowns and necklaces. Some people call this name as a kind of pampering.

    5 - Marjana: 
    This stone is distinguished from other stones and known for its beautiful coral color, a degree of dark orange color, and used by some people in the naming of males after the deletion of femininity T.

    6 - Emerald: 
    Emerald stone precious stones, and studded with jewels in white gold or yellow, a stone is characterized by luxury and is characterized by wearing it and the princesses and queens, and the color is beautiful green.

    7 - Jewel:
     Of the names of the Persian origin, which is a single jewels, and means valuable precious precious, and used by people to name their daughters because of the value and high and can also launch a collection of girls so that the label Jewels.

    8 - Sapphire: 
    Sapphire is distinguished from other gems in different colors, which is a high - strength stones and the diamond in its strength and firmness, and used in the studs of jewelry and value on their value, and called girls and boys delete the femininity to be Sapphire.

    9 - Lulea:
     Lulea is a diminutive pearl, which is derived from it, and was called by the girls recently, and suggests softness, tenderness and femininity.

    10 - Burley: 
    is derived from Pearl, an English word of origin meaning pearl, and some call the word Birla, all of the same meaning.

    11 - Fayrouz: 
    A kind of precious stones characterized by blue color, or turquoise, and some people to believe that it brings luck, and away from envy, and you must know that all these beliefs are contrary to the law of Islam, God alone can do harm, and improve conditions.

    12 - Dana:
     Arabic names origin, meaning the big jewel, and spread this name in the regions of the Arabian Gulf, which is a beautiful names.

    13 - ether:
     This name is called on males and females, and means the jewel of the sword and its luster, and gives the sword dignity and distinction.

    14 - Durrat: 
    One of the Arabic names of origin, meaning the precious pearl, one of the most widespread names in the Arab world.

    15 - Lujn: 
    Arabic names, which is named silver, which is precious metals and gold followed in value, and favors many.

    16 - Gemma: 
    It is one of the Italian names, meaning the gem, and is used by some people in naming their daughters recently.

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