History of jewelry

    An ancient history for the formulation of jewelry and gold:

    The industry of gold, ornaments and jewelry is one of the ancient crafts that represent the genius of man and his creativity since the history of history. There is no other profession in history, and this industry has undergone many covenants from prehistory to civilizations in the Middle Ages to the Islamic civilization. Innovations of man in this time.

    And remained the hallmarks of the Greeks, Romans and Pharaohs in Egypt on this precious metal to this day to be a witness to civilizations in the east and in the region of Egypt and Syria.

     The history of jewelery and ornamentation throughout history goes back to prehistoric times, where man was concerned with his personal adornment through various means and tools, and the decoration had various connotations and meanings among some groups in antiquity. The value of these tools came from the difficulty of obtaining them, as in the access to the teeth of predators, which was the old man in conflict with them, these teeth, which was converted into a series decorated after the killing of the animal as well as some members extracted from aquatic animals, where the date Ornaments derived from nature or members of animals to 18000 years BC, according to the vision of some archaeologists, but the adoption of stones as one of the means of adornment dates back to 5000 BC.

    The ornamentation of gold at the time of the pharaohs, and the symbol of light and sunshine in South America. The gold did not appear until 1000 years after the appearance of stones, ie before 4000 Year, where he was impressed by the beauty of man and entered the life and take the place and the basis of the various types of ornaments, and is still in the status of the appendages due to the lack of one hand and beauty and the continuation of material and resistance to oxidation by weather conditions, and its susceptibility to transformation into different models and forms.

    The gold has long been sanctified and gained strength and became the language of modernity between the peoples and the commercial currency traded between the East and West as a result of the virtues and advantages enjoyed by this shining metal.

    Gold colors and components:

    The world's production of this mineral in 1996 was approximately 2041 tons, mainly in the following countries: South Africa, America, the United States, Australia and Canada.

    There are pink gold that contains 20% silver and 5% copper. There is gray or white gold, which contains 20% of the nickel metal, which is metal. White and 5% silver. There are two types of gold, which vary according to the degree of purity. The 24-carat gold is considered the purest of the species. The 18 carat gold contains 75% gold metal and 12 to 20% silver and 1 to 12% copper.

    Craft tools and difficulties:

    The primary techniques used in the formulation of gold were not based on fire, but the tools used did not exceed the means of folding, pressing, flattening, recycling, transforming shapes and changing them by hammer, serrated, tweezers and pressure tools ... The craftsman working in this profession has great difficulties in the long hours of work without obtaining On the results satisfactory as a result of the lack of tools of the craft until the emergence of something that is accurate tools for this craft has faded with many difficulties, and the invention of many of them at the hands of the Pharaohs who set fire to this industry as one of the most important tools for the formulation of gold, T shift in the craft, where he shot the only means used in the gold purification from impurities and in the conversion industry forms and models of this article, and became a jeweler of great importance in society is a craftsman who makes working in the drafting of precious metals, whether gold or silver and sells.

    The artisan needs technical and scientific skills to work in this craft, and high techniques to convert the raw gold material into pure metal and then its formulation we need high temperatures up to 1000 degrees. The models of the gold pieces tell the story of the techniques used in its manufacture.

    In the past, the craftsman blew into the fire after protecting his face and mouth with a piece of ceramic. However, with the technical development, there were special ovens for blowing, and pieces of raw gold were placed in ovens that were very similar to bread ovens made of unique bricks, then cooled and heated again to maintain The advantage of softness and obedience that is missing when first exposed to fire flames, the process here is related to re-treatment by heating.

    And turning this precious metal into sheets that later turn into elegant and beautiful pieces after being processed with chemicals to purify them and by molds paving the final shape of the piece and then making the appropriate decoration.

    So this article passes in many stages until it reaches the final form that we find in the markets. This work, called drafting, tries to present different models of jewelry and gold for a physical purpose, keeping up with the new fashion. Gold formulation is another world full of troubles, but it enriches the wealth of creative ideas in the design of bullies, obscured by the charm of its formulation of many who have not been tested or mastered by this craft . The dangers of this craft are many and many due to the nature of work in this metal and what it requires to be used and manufactured from chemicals,

    What are jewelry?

    Jewelery or jewels are a gem collection which is precious or precious or all that glorifies its worth and its value

    Is a form of personal adornment such as necklaces, ring, earrings, bracelets. Jewelry can be made of any material, but it is often made of precious stones, precious metals or seashells.

    For jewelry is also an indication of the standard of living of individuals. They are often guided by certain events and become a sign of that occasion for always associated with this event. As a bride

    Jewelry is a vast world of imagination characterized by beauty, creativity and wealth, and known jewelry since ancient times, and there are pieces of jewelry dating back to the cultures of Andrett thousands of years, such as jewelry Mesopotamia and pieces of jewelry dating to the Pharaonic and many other civilizations.

    In modern times, many ruling families were known for their jewelry. These jewelry were accompanied by the names of these families, such as the jewelry of the Russian czars, the jewelry of Muhammad Ali Pasha's family in Egypt and others. Perhaps the most famous of the royal family is the acquisition and interest of jewelry, the royal family in Britain, where the crown of Queen Elizabeth II and her jewelry collection to the seventeenth century and one of the largest diamond in the world.

    Jewelry or gems are a form of personal adornment such as necklaces, ring, brooch, earrings and bracelets. Jewelry can be made of any material, but it is often made of precious stones, precious metals or seashells. A complete set of these items of jewelry may be coordinated and called a jewelry set. Factors influencing the selection of materials vary according to cultural differences and the availability of materials. A certain quality of jewelry may be appreciated because of the characteristics of its materials, designs, or symbols of particular meaning.

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