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    the blue Diamond:

    A rare type of blue diamond recorded a world record at the annual spring auction in Geneva in May 2009. The bright blue diamond, with a 7.03 carat weight, reached 10 million 500 thousand Swiss francs ($ 9.49 million) .

    After this remarkable sale, Sotheby's said that this is the highest amount paid per carat for any type of gemstone (carat, the unit of mass measurement in gemstones weighing 200 milligrams), and this diamond is the most precious gem that entered the international market This year's scarcity was estimated at a price ranging from 6.8 to 10 million Swiss francs.

    After a 15-minute "battle of offers" between two rival parties, one of these parties became anonymous. The new owner has the right to launch the label he sees for this unique diamond, which is encrusted with a white platinum ring.

    David Bennett, Head of Jewelry at Sotheby's in Europe and the Middle East, said the results show market resilience and resilience, despite the economic downturn.

    The previous record price of a blue diamond, 6.04 carats, reached 8.7 million Swiss francs at an auction in Hong Kong in 2007.

    Blue diamonds are considered the rarest of diamond family types after the red diamond is believed to be what exists of this type in the world, no more than the fingers of one hand. The rare blue color of diamonds is due to the chemical element of boron during the formation of this stone.

    "We are talking about a stone outside all scales and the scarcity of the stratosphere, which combines all qualities in terms of scarcity, quality and perfection," Bennett told

    Cullinan mine

    The gemstone, which was not flawless at the inner level, was cut from a 26.58-carat rough piece of stone extracted from the underground last year at the Collinan diamond mine by Petra Diamonds, Diamond mining) near Pretoria in South Africa.

    This mine is the source of the largest crude diamond discovered in the world at all. The diamond, named after Cullinan (named after its explorer Sir Thomas Cullinan, owner of the diamond mine), was discovered in 1905 and weighed 3,106 carats, the source of the 530-carat Star of Africa, British Crown Jewelry preserved in the famous Tower of London.

    Diamond Petra

    "This mine has produced a quarter of the world's diamonds of more than 400 carats, and this mine is the only reliable source of rare blue diamonds," said Cathy Malins, spokeswoman for Petra Diamonds. very".

    Diamond Petra Ltd., a leading diamond mining and production company, is listed on the Alternative Investment Market, which is part of the London Stock Exchange. The company operates in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. Its operations range from exploration of assets to major producing mines.

    As of 2008, the company has owned 6 out of 24 of the most productive mines in history. One of them is the Cullinan mine, which is famous for producing the world's largest rough and polished diamond. Petra has become one of the world's largest diamond companies, based on total resources.

    Such as the birth of a child

    According to Ms Malinz, Petra is extracting 2 million to 3 million tons of rocks a year and, if lucky, may get a blue or two diamond.

    Diamond cutter Gary Monikundam took seven weeks to extract the final form of the rough diamond, spending two weeks looking at the diamond and then cutting, polishing and polishing for another five weeks.

    "We, as diamond cutters, live to get a chance to cut blue diamonds from time to time, because it is a very exciting process and if you get a chance to do the best, it will be a privilege for you," he told The Times Online. Postpartum, where the condition is like having a baby. "

    Standard Prices:

    The recession has brought prices down sharply in recent months, but senior jewelry experts are confident that traders and amateurs will continue to crave them for these rare stones, especially colored diamonds or precious stones.

    "This market is slightly different from the global market in terms of economic concept, but buyers of blue diamonds or collectors find themselves forced to enter the bidding process and try to buy because of the few opportunities available to find one of these diamonds," Bennett says.

    In May 2008, a 3.73 carat blue diamond ring was sold at a price of 9.2 million Swiss francs, a world record price per carat of any type of gemstone sold at auction.

    Prior to the last auction in May, Bennett said: "The size of the diamond I sold last year was half the size of the diamond sold today, and it was priced at $ 1.3 million per carat. We appreciate the price of diamond sold today, At least $ 850,000 per carat, we just have to wait and see where things are going, "he said." Blue diamonds attract the kind of people who want to buy things that others do not. "

    Over the past few years, the reputation of Geneva has grown as a center for the sale of fine jewelry, especially large gemstones.

    In November 2007, the Sotheby's in Geneva sold a stunning white diamond weighing 84.37 carats at 18.2 million Swiss francs ($ 16.21 million) to Georges Marciano, Guess, for denim shorts.

    The diamond has achieved the record price of one carat of white diamonds, which amounted to 191,980 US dollars, was also the second most expensive stone sold in the auction at all, and was blocked only by the diamond called "star season", which weighed 100.10 carats, A unique diamond in the same branch of Sotheby's in Geneva, amounting to $ 16.5 million in May 1995.

    Geneva has become a major auction center since 1968, especially for precious jewelry and watches. These auctions are held twice a year: the first in May and the second in November.

    At the auction in the spring of 2009, the value of the goods offered for public auction, consisting of fine jewelry, watches and wine, was estimated at 90 million Swiss francs ($ 79.2 million).

    Antiquorum, the world leader in watch auctions, is offering 331 hours of the 5.8 million Swiss francs for the auction.

    The Sotheby's showroom offered 170 hours and other timekeeping machines for sale on May 10, 2009, in addition to 350 pieces of diamonds and jewelry, valued at 50.2 million Swiss francs. The focus was on the blue, bright 7.03-carat bright blue diamond.

    The Phillips de Pury & Partners (auction, showroom and special selling shop with several branches around the world, one in Geneva, auctions in contemporary art, photography, design, art and jewelry), 173 pieces of watches and jewelry for sale worth 4.3 million Swiss francs.

    The Christie auction is set for three sales, including watches, jewelery and fine wines, with a total of 36 million Swiss francs.

    In May 2008, the proceeds from the sale of watches, jewelery and fine wines in Geneva amounted to 175 million Swiss francs, compared with 90 million Swiss francs in November of the same year.

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