Best Men's Rings

    Best Men's Rings:

    Gold rings do not fit the character of men, they lose part of manhood and fear, they are more suitable for women, while men are worthy of the silver rings and the best ones that contain a gemstone decorate, which are as follows:

    Agate Stone:
    This stone is characterized as a scheme and the colors of the lines vary between black, gray and white, and the lines are not in a single pattern, the agate of the precious stones that exist in nature in the form of layers in the cavity of sedimentary rocks so it is natural that the lines are different patterns, Circles as in the eye garnet, or parallel lines straight level, which distinguishes the Yemeni onyx, and some are in the form of Kharraz, which is called agate Kharazi.

    Emerald Stone:
     Emerald is known for its green color, which can be consistent with silver in a consistent and harmonious manner.

    Turquoise stone:
     One of the most beautiful gemstones that bears a spiritual character, and is very popular among men, it contains black patches is a distinctive color and desirable by men, which indicates the mystery and reverence and sophistication at the same time.

    Black Diamond:
     And are used more in the wedding ring and rings, they come from silver and be circular shape and can decorate the perimeter with black miniatures to give the ring a manly appearance.

    Exhale stone:
    It features a masculine blue color that suits a modern man with a personal image.

    moon stone:
    Of gems characterized by the color and luster of the pearl with the clarity of cracks on the surface.


    Of animal gems source, ranging in color between pink and white and dark red, although the latter two colors more suitable for men.

    Men's Rings:

     Of the pieces of accessories that a man can wear while keeping his ring is the ring, unlike the catenary or the bracelet or earring, which is unacceptable in conservative societies, it was reported that the Prophet peace be upon him wearing a ring of precious stones to be used as a seal seal his correspondence with the tribes, The man can also wear it as a seal or as a seal, following the example of the best prayer and peace. The ring can be worn by businessmen. It is a complement to the official suit, not a spoiler. The tsars, emperors, kings and other people wore rings with their fingers to indicate the social status. Consciousness and financial capacity, as a symbol of power and control.

    Where to wear the ring when men:

    Women can wear the ring with any finger they want, even if the index finger or thumb or even one of their toes where there are rings dedicated to this, but the man is somewhat restricted, if the engagement ring it is wearing the middle finger or pinky of the right hand, while the wedding ring He moves to the same fingers but from the left hand, but if he is wearing the adornment, it is preferable to limit his wear to the ring finger only from both hands, and other places are critical of the man and diminish his masculinity, especially if he is in a prestigious position or in a conservative society.

    Tips When Buying Men's Rings:

     1. Adhering to the classic appearance, which is not decorated and far from the glamor and many inscriptions.

    2. Consider that the gemstone is large and one piece, while small pieces suggest more femininity.

    3. Stay away from gold and diamonds because they are jewelry or metal suitable for women more than men.

    4. Stay away from wearing rings that take certain forms such as skulls and other forms that suit teenagers more than adult men.

    5. Choose the ring with the appropriate shape of the hand and finger shape as well as skin color.

    6. Consider the choice of dark colors that fit the man's personality more.

    7 - Stay away from bright colors or even multi-color blame is more suited to men, although multiple prefer not to exceed the two colors.

    8. Keep in mind that the size of the ring is suitable for the finger is not wider so as not to slip easily and not narrower so as not to cause discomfort.

    What are the most common metals in men's choice of rings?

    Gold, platinum, diamond, titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, cobalt and some other metals. Each metal has its special price and special significance. Depending on the design and technical specifications, it determines whether the ring is suitable for special occasions such as engagement, marriage or personal charm.

     Of course, in the Islamic religion, the choice of gold is not available to men, so there is a long list of different metals and different characteristics that may be equivalent in their final value to the price of gold by the adoption of jewelry on it from Gemstones and Diamonds.

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