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    Rare Gemstones:

    Gems or psychological are different types of metals composed of at least two elements, and consists of silica mainly, containing some impurities bond, due to the difference of gemstones to the difference of its constituent material in addition to silica, and are often found in the places of volcanic silt, : Volcanic pebbles, and volcanic river runways.

    Some rare gems: 

    1. Blue glamorous Tanzanite:

      Blue Tanzanite is found in limited amounts in the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, and is characterized by its attractive colors from pink to purple. Its color varies according to the vanadium ions found in it. Tiffany Jewelery has been named in honor of Tanzania.

    2.Royal Demantoid:

     These stones were discovered in the mid 1800s in the Ural mountains in western central Russia. They are green and are part of agate stones, ranging in color from yellowish green to green emeralds. The price of one carat is $ 2,000.


     This stone was discovered at the end of the 19th century in Siberia, some of which are found in Namibia. Geremegefite is made of aluminum metal and borates, and unstable amounts of fluoride and hydroxide abonites. Its color varies from transparent to bluish or pale yellow. The price of one carat is $ 2000.

    4. Taviet Diamonds:

     These stones are found in Sri Lanka in southern Tanzania and China, and are red and purple in color. It is also rarer than one million times the real diamond, and the price per carat is $ 2,000.

     5. Black Opal:

     About 95 percent of it is in New South Wales, Australia, one of the most scarce and expensive stones with a carat of $ 2,355, making it the property of emperors, kings and sultans. The black opal features rainbow-like flashes.

    6. Poudretite Stone:

     This stone was first discovered in Quebec, Canada, and is characterized by its soft, non-reversible nature as a jewel in the shape of a ring; the earrings and pins are suitable for proper care, and the price of a carat is $ 3,000.

    7. Benitout stone:

     This stone was discovered in the United States of America in the San Benedetto River, characterized by its permanent fluorine properties, and it shines when exposed to ultraviolet light, and the price of a carat is $ 4,000.

     8. Emerald:

     It is widespread in many regions of the world and has a strong green color. The price of carats of it up to 8000 dollars.

    9. Red Stone:

    Pirel is discovered in Mexico in Utah, and is found in small quantities in the Emerald family, Mor Gannetti, Golden Beryl and Peridot, and the price of a carat of it to $ 10000.

    10. Paraiba Tourmaline:

     Discovered in Baraiba and Brazil, is considered the best types of precious stones, also prefer to manufacture wedding rings it, and the price of carat thereof to 12 thousand dollars.

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