Silver in Yemen

    Ancient Yemeni Silver

    Yemen has a great history in the manufacture of jewels and silverware. 
    Since ancient Yemeni civilizations, it has assumed a 
    prominent position as a symbol of strength, greatness and wealth in the era of the ancient Yemeni civilizations such as the civilizations of Saba, Hamir, Qataban, Osan and Hadramout.
     Yemen occupied a great place through these works or through silk, silver, incense and stones And it was exported to various parts of the world ..

     It is characterized by its presence in many countries,
     in any region of Yemen, 
    a special character in the manufacture of these silver items ranging from necklaces,
     bracelets, rings, ornaments, swords, janabi,
     daggers and Arab rifles Timber, boxes and lanterns and coffee pots and braziers problem and ornate silver.
    Silver works are one of the important crafts that Yemen has known for hundreds of years. The archaeological and scientific excavations have proved the existence of silver artifacts dating back to the era of ancient civilizations such as Sabbatian civilization.
     In Islamic history, 
    the two ancient essences of the Yemenite mark Hassan bin Ahmed Hamdani, 
    And silver in Yemen and raw materials and places of existence,
     a specialized book is one of the most important scientific sources of this industry in Yemen for more 
    than a thousand years.

    Great diversity

    There is a great diversity in the shapes and geometric decoration and vaccination with different jewels that make them rare, 
    and we notice a great aesthetics in them both in terms of the variety of decorations or the accuracy of the manufacture and composition.
     Perhaps the most characteristic of our country are the processes of packaging and packaging of white weapons such as swords and daggers,
     especially janabi, 
    The aesthetic of it lies in the manual work is an innovation in itself and in practice craftsmen find this profession produce new and beautiful decorations and forms and form and content and be more accurately and better development.


    There is a new industry and new creations in the manufacture of rings and necklaces embroidered with the famous Yemeni agate,
     which is a rich material found in many of our country,
     and extracted from the mountains of Anas; 
    the forms are sterile, which carries secrets and aesthetic meanings reflect a symphony of attractive colors.
     And all this is the creations of a wonderful industry, 
    which led to our good Yemeni land and the hands of children.

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