Sapphire stone


    Red sapphire (Kurandum): 

    It takes in the red color, according to the ratio of chromium and iron with stone, and the crystals of the stones of the hardest stones after the diamond.

    Note: In 1902, the Frenchman managed to manufacture sapphires by exposing the powder of aluminum oxide and a colored material to the flame.

    Gemstones are precious stones that are found in the ground in several types.
     Each gemstone differs from the other in the percentage of impurities that make up and the constituents.
     The red sapphire is one of these precious stones and is characterized as one of the rarest and most beautiful stones on the face of the earth.
     Ancient times were the symbol of wisdom and purity, and the Romans and the ancient Egyptians described it as a stone of justice.
     Among the characteristics of this gem is its color, which varies from red to light red.
     The red sapphire is found in Madagascar, Australia, Asia, Africa, Sri Lanka and other countries. Yaland is one of the countries famous in the trade of sapphire and the first in the manufacture and refinement, and we will learn in this article on the benefits of sapphire red psychological and health.

    Benefits of sapphire red stone health:

    Helps to treat blood from health problems such as anemia and bleeding.
    Addressing the problem of blood clotting.
    Contributes to the treatment of liver diseases and health problems that may be exposed such as cirrhosis and inflammation.
    Treats asthma.
    Contributes to the treatment of bladder diseases and increase the secretion of bile in the liver.
    Stimulates vascular activity.
    Treats rheumatism and joint pain.
    Maintains the health of the heart and contributes to its revitalization and enhancement of its work.
    Treat the stomach from ulcers and acidity.
    Other health benefits include protection of the body's tissues and cells from infection.
    Works to treat the mouth from dehydration.
    Gout treatment.
    Contributes to the treatment of fever disease.
    The human body gets rid of toxins and waste and works to clean it.
    Treat hair from falling.
    Relieves back pain and helps treat it.
    It has the ability to cure stuttering.
     Reduces high blood sugar.
    Treats muscular dystrophy.

    Benefits of General Sapphire Stone:

     Helps to calm your breath and give it a feeling of happiness.
    Has a positive effect on the nervous system, which is useful in the treatment of various diseases such as mental distraction and social fear in addition to its ability in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
    The person who wears it has a beautiful and beautiful look and contributes to attention.
     Benefit patients with social phobia and treat neurological diseases such as hysteria and insanity.

    Characteristics of sapphire stone:

    Transparency is the most important feature of a stone.
     A metal wire can be seen when passing through a stone.
     Sapphire stones contain crystalline shapes.
     Al-Biruni pointed out that the origin of the sapphire composition of the firearm.
    The weight of red sapphire stones is 3.6 carats, according to estimates by Al-Biruni.
    Sapphire is characterized by hardness, stone resistance to scratches or corrosion.
    Sapphire is the second most important diamond in hardness.
    They are known as radionuclides.
    Contains gaps and natural bumps.
    Very shiny and sparkling.
    Some believe that there are different therapeutic properties of sapphire to treat chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and heart disease, according to the magnetic energy in them.
     Women believe that sapphire is useful for the youthfulness of the skin and its glow, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this theory yet.
     According to American studies, the presence of magnetic energy in sapphires affects human nature and temperament.
     Used in the manufacture of jewelry and accessories, such as watches, rings and sapphires.

    Extract the best sapphire types:

    The most precious red sapphire is extracted from Burma's marble rocks.
    Where it consists of the deposits of gems and the melting of marble rocks.
     Other sapphires are produced in Thailand and Ceylon, and the silica is slightly lighter compared to the red siamic sapphire, which is characterized by its intense redness.
     Sapphire stones belong to a group of metals such as aluminum.

    Other sapphires:

    Sapphire (saffir): The name saffir is called all sapphires except red, and has a blue gradient in it, and the most expensive is pure blue.
    The best species are found in Burma, Sri Lanka and India. The best Siberian canary sails are found in Kashmir, while the sapphires from Thailand, Australia and Nigeria are dark blue and black, and the metal-colored saffron is from Montana, United States America, and also in Cambodia, Brazil, Kenya, Malawi and Colombia.
    Note: The manufacture of saffirs began in the 19th century, and economic quantities were produced in the early 20th century.
    Sapphire yellow.
    Sapphire green.
    Sapphire White.
    Sapphire of apricot.

    How to identify the natural sapphire from the foamed:

    Natural sapphire has a very different sparkle than synthetic sapphire, and it is characterized by agility. Natural sapphire stones are smaller than fake stones.
    The presence of bubbles in the sapphire stone when examined with the magnifying glass, it may indicate that sapphire.
     The sapphire sapphire stone has a lighter weight than the original sapphire.
    The sapphire surface is slightly more rough than the sapphire.
     It has a smooth surface.
    Natural sapphire is a solid color that does not reflect the various colors when exposed to light.
     Unlike sapphire, it does not change color when exposed to light.

    Properties of sapphire stone:

    Physical properties :
    Sapphire is one of the ten most durable stones in the world.
    It comes in ninth place out of ten on the Moss scale for metal hardness and is second only to diamonds.

    Chemical properties:
     Sapphire is known in chemistry as the metal of corundum or aluminum oxide. Its chemical formula is Al2O3. Color is one of the most important chemical properties. The sapphire color comes from a combination of iron and titanium impurities in varying degrees. The sapphire is characterized by red, blue, green, , Yellow, and black, as it can be transparent colorless with a distinctive silky glow in it.

    Bright halo:

     The royal crown was crowned with a red sapphire ring.
     At present, the stone is crowned with a red diamond ring.
     Precious and rare popularity among royal family members.

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