Rolex Luxury Watches

    The Rolex Gold watches feature a dazzling elegance, the result of years of experience designed to master the use of this precious material.

    The use of Rolex is 18 karat gold, a luxury alloy of 750 ((one thousand) pure gold and a suitable combination of the necessary elements such as silver or copper to produce various types of 18 carat gold, yellow gold, white gold and the unique Rolex EVERROZ . These carefully preserved clandestine versions ensure exceptional durability, refinement and a unique touch that lasts for generations.Rolex's commitment to excellence starts from the source.

    Rolex White Gold is made from purest metal and thoroughly tested in a state-of-the-art indoor laboratory before gold is crafted and refined with the same precision and quality. 
    Rolex's commitment to excellence starts from the source.In an effort to preserve the beauty of its pink gold watches, she invented a unique mix of 18-carat pink gold and patented it under the name of Everose Gold. The Rolex 18-carat Evroz was launched in 2005 and is used today in all Rolex watches made of pink gold.

    The most important Rolex watch models:

    Most of the modern Rolex watches come with automatic self-winding mechanical transmission, the majority of which comes under a key model known as Oyster Perpetual, which can be translated as "permanent or eternal". It comes back to the first Rolex Oyster watch, This name is available on all hours except for the classic model developed by Rolex in 2014, known as the Celini Cellini collection, which includes three classic models:

    Chilenie Time (show time only elegantly), Chennai Diet (which shows history through a secondary scorpion), and Chillini TimeTime (which show time to a second timer zone through a mini-clock on the enamel).

    Oyster Perpetual:

    Recipe this clock with the originality of simplicity! It is one of the simplest Rolex watches in terms of shape and complexity, giving it the distinction of another type, available in different sizes from 26 to 39 mm and is one of the least expensive models among the Rolex models and there is a secondary model known as the Date Date, which also shows history.


    Is one of the most popular Rolex models ever, due to the simplicity of its shape, which features a history display through the window at the 3 o'clock mark as well as the famous Cyclops lens to enlarge the history, Dett Just one of the most versatile Rolex watches, you can choose from more than 450 different shapes and sizes


    In a smaller size for ladies and PEARLMASTER-DATEJUST made of gold and diamond-studded.


    You can find out what makes the Day-Dite watch unique. It has two windows, one for displaying the date and the other for the day. 18-carats (yellow, white or ivrose), platinum,


    The D-Dite model is known as the DAY-DATE PRESIDENTin yellow gold, which gained its name after being worn by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    The following chart shows the professional Rolex watches, each with its own characteristics and patents, to be the best time in its professional environment, whether it is flying, mountain climbing, caverns, motor racing or deep sea diving!

    Strong info about Rolex luxury watch:

    Everyone is familiar with this famous brand, but we bet there are some things you did not know about Rolex.

    If you're looking for a long-lasting watch, this is the perfect time to buy money. The company is well known for its privacy but there are some things that even Rolex watches collectors do not know.
    When Rolex arose, founder Hans Wilsdorf focused first on the quality of the movement, and his quest for precision brought him to great success.

    1. Rolex began in London
    Not many people know that Rolex first began in London in 1905 as a compound hours. At the beginning of this brilliant brand, they were importing Swiss watch pieces and collecting them in English hours. Because Britain was facing a lot of taxes, the mark closed its British office in 1919 and returned to Switzerland.
    2. Most expensive Rolex watch
    The world's most expensive Rolex watch was manufactured in 1942 and sold for $ 1.176 million. Only 12 copies were made, according to researchers, only 8 hours, including the ability of the time challenge.
    3. How long does it take to manufacture a single Rolex watch?
    We are happy to answer this question and you will be amazed to learn that it takes about a full year! So the company makes a million hours a year and is very serious when it comes to quality and efficiency.
    4. How do you know a non-original Rolex watch?
    You might think you need a diploma in the watch industry to know a non-genuine Rolex watch, but in fact it's very simple. All you need to do is look at the scorpion of the seconds, if you walk lightly and without stopping, surely the time is real.
    5. Rolex during World War II
    In World War II, most Royal Air Force officers preferred Rolex, and when the Nazis arrested them, they took their hours. Because of this, the Rolex watch has become a symbol of British Air Force officers.
    6. 1980, Rolex watches began to become very expensive
    The 1980s were the birth of a new era, and people began spending money on beautiful and glamorous things. When they started buying Rolex watches, they realized their value and demand, which led to a very high price between overnight and overnight.
    7. All handmade Rolex watches
    The competitive market resistance is really difficult, and the game needs to be well understood and Rolex understood it from the start, so I made sure that every hour of its hours is made with a lot of attention, craftsmanship and precision in manual work that combines art and experience.
    8. The hours used for diving are tested individually
    All watches used for diving are tested in a pressure tank, and only one of the thousands of hours sometimes fails to test.
    9. What does "Rolex" mean?
    In fact there is no explanation behind the name of this watch. This name was chosen because it was short and looked good on the clock and was also easy to pronounce in any language.
    10. Rolex has an "army" of gem experts
    Rolex has a full department to purchase, test and place brilliant diamonds on watches. They use X-rays to make sure the diamonds are genuine. According to Rolex, only Mustans out of 20 million turned out to be non-native.
    11. Rolex donates all its profits
    When Hans Wilsdorf reached the age of 
    12. he began working for a large watch exporter, and soon managed to establish a Rolex mark. But because of his sad life experience, he and his wife donated all the company's profits to charities and orphanage

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