Rare Exhale stone

     Is a kind of precious corundum stone, which mainly includes exhalation, sapphires, and earthen stone of different types in different colors; such as blue, black, gray, astral, and other species, the corundum is made of aluminum oxide and is extracted in nature , And can be manufactured in the form of large crystals. Madagascar is the world's first producer of exhalation.

    Information on stone and types of exhalation:

    1) Blue Exhalation:

    The chemical blue stone is composed of anodized aluminum oxide and is the symbol of A12O3. It has the characteristic shape and color, and the exhalation stone is very strong. The sapphire is similar in structure, but varies in the number of aluminum atoms in both stones. Scientists believe that the color of the ejaculation is due to the presence of iron and titanium impurities, and the transfer of electrons from iron atoms to titanium atoms, where these electrons absorb the spectrum of red color, and then send the frequencies of light spectrum of blue and purple, and that is why the stone appears in dark blue. Blue stone is found in the mines of Sri Lanka, Brazil, Thailand, Madagascar, China, Tanzania, Kenya and Australia. It is considered one of the most valuable and important stones in Burma because it is characterized by its attractive blue color and its presence in India, Because of the depletion of this wealth since ancient times.

    Benefits of Exhale:

     According to the prevailing beliefs regarding the exhale stone, the most important benefits:
     Some believe that the stone of exhale has a high ability to give positive effects to those who wear it, and there are rumors that the Prophet Moses wore this stone, making it sacred to some.
    The current British royal crown is decorated with a large exorcism stone, which symbolizes wisdom and purity, as well as a kind of gemstone that is worn by aristocratic and high priests.
    Some astronomers linked this stone to the planet Saturn, which in turn contributes to enhancing the positive properties of the planets.
     In the world of yoga and meditation this stone especially the dark blue helps to increase the person's ability to meditate and relax, and also helps to think clearly and clearly.
     Helps get rid of depression, as this stone helps to feel inner peace, and calm the mind to see things clearly.
    In the medical world some exhalation crystals help in the treatment of fever, and in the treatment of sore throat, nasal bleeding, and also helps in the treatment of burns, skin infections, and in general enhance the strength of blood circulation in the body.
    In the world of medicine also supplies the body with energy that increases the level of potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the body, which is also a treatment for epilepsy, hysteria, and some other mental illnesses.
     Buddhists believe that the exhalation stone has the ability to realize dreams.
     The Sri Lankans believe that the exhalation stone has the power to expel evil spirits, to be protected from envy, and from families in war, and also to wealth.

    2 - Violet exhalation:

    Its color is especially noticeable when cut in oval.


    The value of the stones comes from the second degree, but the good is rare and is between 10-20 carats and sold under the name of Alexandrite (alexandrite).

    Areas of presence:

    We find purple violet color in Sri Lanka as it is found in small quantities in Thailand and Burma.

    3 - yellow exhalation:

    It was once known as the oriental topaz. It is usually characterized by canary, golden, hazel, or yellowish brown, but the light color is more common. Medium and large sizes are often cut in an oval to increase the depth of color, while the color of honey is less widespread and smaller and the most oval and rectangular forms.


    Its value is low when compared to other stones such as syphilis.

    Areas of presence:

    Light yellow or canary is found in Sri Lanka and is also found in limited quantities in Australia, which also contain yellow, golden, yellow and brownish brown.

    4 - Exhaled syphilis:

    It is the second type of exhalation characterized by its syphilis color which we find in different degrees.

    Exhaling syphilis is one of the most expensive types of exhalation.

    Areas of presence:
    This gem is abundant in Sri Lanka and Burma.

    5- Green exhalation:

    Until the 19th century, this stone was known as the oriental emerald, which is usually strong green, clear and sometimes tends to blue or yellow. It takes into account the method of cutting until the color appears in the best form, and then increase the shape of the oval and the square and the rectangle .... And the small size Vender great presence.

    Areas of presence:

    It is located in Australia, the United States (Montana) and finally in Thailand.

    6- White exhalation (colorless):

    Its name comes from the Greek language (Leykos) which means white and is actually colorless with a yellowish sweep and appears to have a liquid inside it ... and if it is highlighted by a bright light it gives a reflection as if it contained a pull.


    It is sometimes purified and refined in a dazzling way to replace diamonds but is easily distinguishable. It is remarkably glossy and very low in value.

    Areas of presence:

    Located in Sri Lanka and Burma.

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