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    A spherical, spherical secretion formed within the shell of some molluscs and oysters and classified as precious stones. This material is excreted from the epithelial cells (in folds or in a clove or fissure in the lining wall of the shellfish in the mollusks). It is an interlocking tissue between the shell and the body. It is arranged in successive layers around an annoying body. Usually, parasites in the case of natural pearls are attached to the fine shell of the oyster. The pearl is constructed from layers of argonite or calcite (crystalline crystalline carbonate). The layers are held together by a concoilin material, which is similar to that of the pearl, which forms the inner layer of the oyster shell.

    About Pearl:

    It is composed naturally of several crystallized layers formed of calcium carbonate, which are bonded with special forces to turn into spherical material in the oysters itself. It is obtained by separating the oyster bones from the rest of the body. It is one of the most valuable substances in this world in terms of Physical value.

    Natural pearls:

    There are many kinds of pearls in this world, of which what is natural and which is obtained by its presence in different marine creatures, and us is a factory The following are the most important types of natural pearls.
     Tahiti Pearls:
    It is characterized by its dark color, which is why many call it black pearls, and vary in size between pieces and the other colors, too, some tends to gray, some silver, some green, Some of them to 2 cm.
    Akoya Pearls:
    It is one of the most classic species, and is famous for many countries and is abundant in China and Japan. Its shape is spherical, with an average diameter of up to 11 mm, which is white and has a brilliant radiation that may be pink, green or yellow.
    Pearls of South Seas:
     It is named after the most common areas in southern China. It is also common in countries such as Australia. It is relatively large in size, with a diameter of up to 2 cm. It can be distinguished from other thick veins, which appear in many colors such as white , Gold, and silver, in addition to having a unique gloss.


    Cultivation of saltwater pearls:
    Most of the world's crop of brackish water pearls is derived from Japan, which has mastered pearling techniques in salt water.

    These pearls are produced by placing a small bead of pearl sweat inside the lining of the cone wall in the oyster's body. The oysters are placed in closed cages in protected bays for a period of time (up to 4 years) required to form a pearl.

    Composition of Pearls:

    Pearls may be in the shape of a grain of rice, spherical, pear shaped, shaped, or irregularly shaped and evaluated in this order. Pearls that are attached to the inner surface of the shell are known as "

    The luster or unique brilliance of the pearls depends on the reflection and refraction of light from the semi-transparent layers, which are more accurate in proportion and the less dense and more numerous layers.

    The best types of pearls are usually white in color, sometimes with an ivory or light pink touch, as well as a touch of yellow, green, blue, brown, and black. Black pearls are very expensive because of their scarcity.

    The brilliance shown by some pearls due to overlapping layers that break the light falling on its surface.

    The pearls are not cut or polished like other stones. They are very soft and are affected by acids and heat. As organic substances, they are susceptible to biodegradation.

    Pearls are obtained from salty oysters (especially Pinctata) as well as freshwater oysters (especially Hyriopsis). The largest natural pearls center in the world is the Arabian Gulf, which is said to produce the best saltwater pearls. Other important sources include the coast of India China, Japan, Australia, the various Pacific islands, Venezuela, Central America, the rivers of Europe and North America. In ancient times, the Red Sea was an important source of pearl fishing.

    Natural Pearl Quality Standards:

    The following is a set of criteria used to distinguish between natural and other pearls, in terms of quality:

     Flashing is the most important criterion for determining the quality of pearls. The more glowing the pearls look, the higher their value.
     There are very large pearls, which makes the larger pearl the most valuable, if all other criteria are equal.
    Surface Smoothness:
     Pearls are hard to get completely free of lines and surface marks, but the more sharp the lines look, the less valuable the pearls are.
    Pearls vary in color, yellow, purple, blue, and other colors. The color is not limited to the dominant color of the pearl, but to the color of the transparent layer on its surface, as well as the reflected flash.

    Natural pearls:

    The pearl can be defined as a solid substance made up of calcium carbonate and organic matter. It is formed by mollusks such as shellfish and mussel in response to an irritation caused by a foreign body. The body enters the cavity of the molluscs. The latter secrete calcium carbonate, proteins that encase the UFO, Layers in a slow process that takes a few years.

    The benefits of pearl stone in ancient writings:

    Pearl stone wear reduces the negative impact of the moon.
    Helps those who wear it get rid of negative thoughts, and also urges them to think positively.
    His effectiveness and merit in deepening some feelings such as trust, love and attention between spouses.
    If the location of the moon is not appropriate in someone's astronomical tower, wearing a pearl stone will help to address it.
    Weaving this stone helps to treat some types of various diseases associated with females.
    If you are suffering from insomnia, according to legends, pearl stone helps to treat it, as well as providing a peaceful peaceful sleep.
    Helps to get comfortable feeling and get rid of stress, anxiety and stress.
    It is said that wearing a pearl stone feels a person's sudden increase in self-confidence.
    Brings prosperity and well-being in the life of the apostate.
    This elegant stone allows its grooms to be creative. So you're working in a job that needs creativity, so you have to wear pearl stone.
    If you are looking for beauty, wearing a pearl stone will increase the beauty of your overall wearing.
    If you suffer from weakness of your memory, you should have a pearl stone. Because it is known to strengthen memory. Thus, you may wear it in periods of exams and other periods in which you need a lot of memory.

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