Materials more expensive than gold

    Things are valued according to their usefulness, scarcity or production costs, and the value of those things is determined by the person in accordance with the benefits of those items.

    Among the most valuable material discovered by man throughout history, we have compiled a list of 15 different articles.

    Antimatter is the most expensive material in the universe, with the cost of its positron components - $ 25 billion per gram and anti-hydrogen - at $ 62.5 trillion per gram. This is because production is very difficult, as the production of small quantities requires the most sophisticated equipment in the world that exists in the European Research Organization.

    2 - Clifonium:

    The price of one gram of this article $ 27 million, and discovered this article in 1950 in California, a rare metal and the most accurate elements and the most expensive after the antimatter, so that it produces only a year of only 0.2 grams, and can part of a million of The irradiated kleifonium gram generates 170 million neutrons per minute, making it very toxic.


    The price of a carat is one of the purest and finest types to 55 thousand dollars. It is used in several industries, most notably jewelery and accessories, and is used in the manufacture of heads of drilling giant.

    4- Tritium:

    The price of one gram of it to 30 thousand dollars, a radioactive component used in the extraction of atomic energy integration, and triggers the launch and ignition sequence detonator in the hydrogen bomb and weighs three times the weight of ordinary hydrogen.

    5-stone trivia:

    It is a very rare gemstone, and its splendor is not mentioned any use only as jewelry and precious stones only. And the price of one gram of it to 20 thousand dollars.

    6 - Bennett:

    Known as red diamonds, one of the rare gemstones in the world, only in Myanmar, the average price per gram 9 thousand dollars.

    7. Plutonium:

    The price of one gram is 4 thousand dollars, a very heavy metal and high density, more than 1,74 times more lead, and radiant decoration. Discovered in the United States in 1940, a fissionable element that uses its energy to make nuclear bombs and to produce energy in some nuclear reactors.

    8. LSD or hallucinogenic acid:

    The discovery of the world Albert Huffman in 1943 coincidentally when the drug infiltrated into his hands as a result of laboratory experience, and began after him "Hoffman" feel dizzy and boredom and then began to fantasize, and felt drunk, and did not fade the impact of the property in only two hours.

    It is very sensitive and focused, as one third of a gram kills a villa, so it is diluted a lot before being used by addicts, and the price of grams to $ 3 thousand dollars.

    9. Cocaine:

    Cocaine is the most active natural stimulant. It is derived from the leaves of the coca plant, which grows in South America. It is chewed by the people, known for 5,000 years, especially in Bolivia and Peru, or they put it with tea and drink it for recovery and overcome fatigue. .

    10. Heroin:

    Was first made from morphine in 1874 by an English chemist, but was not known, and then again made in 1898 by German chemist Henrik Dresard, a German chemist from the famous pharmaceutical firm Bayer, which produced him as a medicine for many Diseases such as tuberculosis, the average price per gram 130 dollars.

    11 - Horn Horn:

    The price of one gram is $ 110, and the number of human uses of the horn of this animal near extinction, but basically used part of the centuries collected by illegal fishermen in the manufacture of handles for daggers or sculptures sold at very high prices.

    12. Methamphetamine:

    It was first installed in 1893 by the Japanese scientist Nagai Nagayoshi, a drug in the amphetamine group that affects the central nervous system.

    13. Platinum:

    It is a chemical element known as white gold. Its color is grayish and white. It is stronger than iron metal and has the elasticity of gold. It is rusty and does not lose its luster when exposed to air for long periods like gold. It does not react with oxygen or sulfur compounds in air. In chemical laboratories, and the price of one gram of it to 60 USD.

    14. Rhodium:

    The price of one gram is US $ 58, a metal that is hard, durable and resistant to heat. It is rare in nature, silvery white, corrosion resistant and highly reflective. It is used by pure manufacturers in the manufacture of jewelry, floodlights and electrical connections. Turbine Aircraft.

    Radium Properties:

    Radium belongs to the elements of the second group in the periodic table, and has characteristic properties is one of the most radiant elements, and its characteristics:

    1. Radium radiation affects photographic film even if it is impregnated with impermeable leaves or placed in the dark. It also has the ability to penetrate wood, skin and sheet metal.

    2. Radiium and its compounds have the ability to remove the electric scout charge and influence the Geiger counter. It ionizes the air particles near the scout disk. The disk loses its charge, and the activity of the radium salts is measured by its ability to remove the charge.

    3. Radium compounds have the ability to glow when mixed with other compounds.

    For example, when mixing a small amount of radium bromide and zinc sulphide, a mixture is formed in the dark and the clock is darkened.

    4. Radium rays have the ability to kill seed embryos, bacteria and even small animals.

    5. Radium rays cause burns on the skin of those who work for a long period of recovery and can damage the tissues of the human body. It is used to treat cancer and skin diseases.

    Radium salts release energy continuously, and part of this energy is reflected in the form of optical energy, which causes the glow of radium in the dark, and the salts give energy continuously, in one hour gives one gram of radium 120 price of heat.

    6. The half-life of radium is 1600 years, which is the time required to convert half of its quantity into lead.


    The price of one gram of gold is 56 US dollars. Gold is known for its frequent use of daily life. It is known as a symbol of wealth throughout the ages and is used in jewelry, electronics, and satellite coatings.

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