Diamond Bracelet

    Diamond Bracelet
    A bracelet is appropriate for many occasions. Read more about the origin of the tennis bracelet, discover the many models of bracelet and examine the different categories of diamond bracelets in this section. You can also find tips on how to select a frame for your bracelet, measure the correct length and selecting the best diamonds for your bracelet. There are many variations of bracelet styles, including the line / tennis, bracelet, charm, link and cuff. Because your bracelet may come into contact with hard surfaces in everyday life, you should buy high quality bracelets designed to be strong enough to withstand normal wear and tear.

    Diamond Antwerp - Diamond Bracelet

    Diamond Bracelet

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    There are several categories of diamond bracelets for all styles, purposes and people. Take a look at our options to see what could be good for you or your special loved one. Designer diamond bracelets are more luxury than everyday tennis bracelets because of their unique designs. Always suitable for all occasions, these pieces have an additional element that turns them into a unique design. Some designer bracelets are offered in two tone metal, which is a mix of white gold and yellow gold.

    For vintage jewelry lovers, this category of antique diamond bracelet is full of timeless designs that combine high quality materials with exquisite and timeless style. Many bracelets in this category feature intricate details that capture the attention or detail of the special border such as the milgrain or filigree surrounding brilliant diamonds.

    The collection of men's bracelets includes a variety of models from the simplest to the most daring. The men's bracelet can be worn on both wrists, regardless of a watch. In many cases, men's bracelets are wider than a classic women's tennis bracelet and have a focus on gold or platinum as well as diamonds. The standard length is 8 ", but this can be customized to your needs.

    Choosing the quality of diamonds for your bracelet is a very important task and requires keeping in mind two factors: the total carat diamond size and your budget limitations. When it comes to carat size, the larger the diamond (millimeters) and carat weight, the more visible imperfections or coloring will be. If you choose a bracelet that has enough large stones, opt for a "better" to "best" combination of diamond quality. If the bracelet has diamonds of smaller sizes, then "good" to "better" diamond quality should go. Choosing a budget for your bracelet and product configuration allows you to create the perfect diamond bracelet within your budget.

    Flexible styles such as the line / tennis bracelet are available in different lengths. Before you buy, measure one of your own bracelets to be sure you do not need a special length. When ordering a line / tennis bracelet, the recommendation is usually the measurement of the natural wrist plus half an inch. With this little space on the wrist, the bracelet will sit comfortably without slipping on your arm. When measuring an existing wristband, you generally do not need to include the bracelet's buckle or tongue portion during the measurement. The standard length for women's soft bracelets is 7 "and the standard for men's bracelets is 8". Wristbands are usually 7 "standard length.

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