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    Rado has long been recognized by Swiss watchmakers for its continuous search for the latest industry trends, testing new designs and materials, and has succeeded in aligning itself with its commitment to the originality of Swiss industry, keeping pace with the latest technology and achieving success.

    Rado also distinguishes its heavy production and its diverse collections of watches which put the company in a position not occupied by other Swiss watch manufacturers, and in this article we offer you 7 distinct hours produced by the company and you can buy them in 2019.

    1. Centrex steel and ceramics:

    Rado Centrx Group is one of the most prominent Radu sets, which we have chosen for you. The R30178152 automatic steel and ceramic watch, which is distinguished by the open enamel, gives you a look at some of the brilliant parts of the engine and the clock structure, which is dominated by black ceramic color, Featured Silver.
    The watch offers an elegant appearance that is well known for its remarkable design. It is suitable for all occasions thanks to its high thickness and size of the 38 mm structure making it suitable for formal and casual wear.
    Rado Centrex Steel and Ceramic (R30178152) is available at approximately US $ 1200.

    2. Hyper Chrome Captain Cook:

    Another classic life-saving hour where Rado returns to us a remarkable design that she had issued in 1962, keeping the Model No. R32501206 on iconic iconic signs and giving her new additions to make them suitable for the 21st century.
    The structure of this watch is also made of the Hyper-Chrome to give it the hardness, lightness and color of the right, as well as added to the watch Sapphire crystal resistant to scratch and treatment with a coating resistant to reflect light to prevent the glow and provide a clear view of the clock.
    The clock body is 45mm and waterproof to a depth of 200m. It has a rotary ring around the outer frame making it a sporty diving watch with a distinctive classics.
    The RADO Hyper Chrome Chrome Cooker (R32501206) is available for approximately US $ 2000.

    3. Hyper-chrome automatic pick-up:

    (R32118102) in gray metallic color with the golden color to give it a glamor and a wonderful look. Rado made a great effort to reach it. What you see is the ceramic hyper-chrome developed by Radu specially for its hours.
    The clock has a massive 45 mm frame with an automatic chronograph engine that is water resistant to a depth of 100m to be just as sporty and practical as it is elegant and suitable for formal wear.
    The Rado Hyper Chrome Taki-Miter (R32118102) is available at approximately $ 4100 USD.

    4. True Open Hart Automatic:

    Another model of the Tru Collection, which contains the company's ultra-thin watches and has the most prominent hours that features the side that the side of the Open -Open Hart Automatic Model No. (R27100912), which was first issued in 2016 black pearl mother-of-pearl Where it is partially transparent according to the angle of light.
    The watch sometimes looks like a simple design with black pearl enamel and sometimes other translucent under-enamel automatic watch engine in a unique design never seen before!
    The 40mm chassis is 10.4 mm thick and is entirely made of high-tech ceramics and resists water to a depth of 50 meters. The watch covers sapphire-resistant scratch crystal.
    The Rado True Open Hart Model (R27100912) is available for approximately $ 1400.

    5. Daya Master Grand Scandinavian:

    We will choose another example of the Grand SAND model number (R14129136), in which Rado once again presents an unconventional design, starting with the clock enamel with the secondary pointer of the second hand, which overlaps with the main indicators of hours and minutes in an unconventional way, The chassis industry, developed by Rado specially for its hours and patented.
    The 43mm and 11.8mm watch has a waterproof structure up to 100m in depth and is covered by Scratch Resistant Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating to prevent glare.
    Rado Daya Master Grand Saak (R14129136) is available for around $ 2100 USD.

    6. Original:

    Is undoubtedly the iconic clock for the company and its most prominent products, which first appeared in 1962 under the name DiaStar 1, which made a great shout and the time was a success as it was the first time the resistance to scratch in the world succeeded in solving the difficult equation by providing a solid clock and the process of comfort Elegant and luxurious at the same time, this watch was an example and a clear picture of what the company believes in and its innovative approach to design and use of non-traditional materials.
    The company continues to produce a wide range of different sizes and shapes of various types of aluminum and an automatic motor with a better performance under the distinctive stainless steel structure that you can obtain with gold or its original steel color.
    Rado Original (R12413493) is available for approximately US $ 800.

    7. Automatic De-Star:

    Another sporty chronograph watch that deserves your attention is the Rado Automatic Clock (R15965152). The design of the chassis in its black and silver metallic color gives it an exciting sporty character as well as its toughness as a stainless steel and is supported by high tech ceramics, adding to the strength of the chassis and giving you the durability you are looking for.
    The 43mm chassis is covered with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on both sides giving you a view of the brilliant automatic clock engine.
    The Rado D-Star model (R15965152) is available for approximately $ 2200 USD.

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